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New Game Command Added

Hello friends,

Due the issue with old players distrubing newbies we have decided to add new command: /offpvp

*The new command can be used by Gold VIP users only.

*To enable / disable it just use once or twice /offpvp command.

The command is forbidden to be abused such as distrubing on spots where other players are already before you.

We will not issue bans but if that becomes someone's habit to abuse we will disable his command to take advantage of the nonpvp function.

Thank You,

The InfinityMU Team

2023-12-21 08:35


Hello, dear Infinitians!

We have just announced two special Halloween events: one is forum-based and the other is game-based. For more information about these events, please visit our Community Forum!

  1. Halloween Forum Special: Best Halloween Pumpkin Design CONTEST 2023
  2. Halloween Game Special: Trick or Treat Event


We hope to see your creations and see you in game!

InfinityMU S8 Staff Team

2023-10-31 04:36

Change Class Function is Disabled

Hello friends,

Change Class functions (in the website & game VIP command) are disabled from now on. Reason being to prevent players from abusing it to change higher points class to lower points class and therefore having more points than they should have normally.

InfinityMU S8 Staff Team

2023-06-08 15:44

Castle Siege Event Information

Hello dear Infinitians!

The Castle Siege Event will take place tomorrow (at the moment each Sunday) at 5:00 pm GMT+3 (Server Time). We will make an official Poll about it, on our sister server it's still Saturday, but we might use Sunday here on Season 8. For now, you'll have to join tomorrow for the Castle Siege Event.

Thanks for your time reading this.

InfinityMU S8 Staff Team

2023-05-21 13:34

Server Maintenance

Hello friends.

Server will be under maintenance on May 16, 2023.

Maintenance will be between 8 AM and 11 AM UTC+3. Game Server will be offline during the maintenance.

Thanks for your patience!

Best Regards,
InfinityMU S8 Team

2023-05-16 08:28

Announcement: First Castle Siege

Hello friends!

This coming weekend (Saturday) we will have our first Castle Siege Event at 5 PM (UTC+3). Who ever wants to be registered for the event (since reg period passed already). Please reply in this thread with your Guild name and I will register it. 

The first Castle Siege reward will be Manticore Weapons & Shields +F.O. for every Guild Masters in the alliance.

With this update I want to announce that skill Swell Life for BM is updated and adds better amount of Life now.


InfinityMU S8 Staff Team

2023-04-19 15:21

Game Rules Update

Hello Infinitians,

We would like to inform you that we have just updated the Game Rules on our Website. That is why, we kindly ask our players to read the presented Rules carefully. The Game Rules have been developed for your own safety and comfort while staying at the InfinityMU Season 8.

The InfinityMU's Staff Team offers you a full view into the Game Rules and Banning Procedures on our Forum. What is more, as the Staff Team aims to support you in your journey, on our Forum you can find helpful guides, sections where you can ask your questions, market place where you can sell / buy items, etc.

On our Forum, you can also find a Report Section, where you can report bad players, bugs, missing items, and any other problems.

Lastly, the Forum offers entertainment sections where you can participate in Forum Events, and get amazing rewards! smile

Best regards,

InfinityMU S8 Staff Team

2023-04-16 03:48

Website Update: Currency Convert enabled!

Hello Community,

We have enabled Currency Convert function in the website for you to use. You can now convert WCoins to GoblinP with a rate of 1 - 1.7 (fee for converting).

The function is accessible from the User Page.

Enjoy. :]

InfinityMU S8 Staff Team

2023-04-15 20:48

Small Update 6/4/2023

Hello friends!

The following updates have been applied to our game server:
1. Disabled "Scroll of Restriction" buff while running around map with pets;

2. Added +2 invasions per day of God of Darkness boss invasion:

  • 1:40 AM new!
  • 9:40 AM new!
  • 7:40 PM

All times are UTC +3.

3. Fixed Primary Quest 3 & 5 for Rage Fighter class.
4. Improved Speedhack detection for skill and movement.

Thank You,

The InfinityMU S8 Team

2023-04-07 00:53

Mastery Sets, Weapons and Shields [Sockets + Harmony]

Hello friends.

The game server have been updated and now all Mastery Sets, Weapons and Shields support Socket options. You can also add Harmony Option to them.

For full list of supported items, please click here for more information.

Thank you,

InfinityMU S8 Team

2023-03-29 13:57

Game Update 29/3/2023

1, Reduced annoying effect Stern / Stun while running with your pets Ryan Pierce / Shining Tail and not only. Sometimes you could get stun for 3 seconds also when not wearing pet and also by character skills such as Ice Storm.
2. Pandora Event have been updated and completely renewed. Now the event will require at least 15 Resets and 50 Level and the map location is changed to custom location: Arena (pvp gladiator's arena).
In order to participate in the Pandora Event you must talk to NPC Azshara in Lorencia (148, 133). She will move your character to the Gladiator's arena in Arena.

Reward #1: 20 WCoins and 100 Goblin Points.
Reward #2: Random 3 Items from the list : Talisman of Chaos Assembly , Elemental of Chaos Assembly Talisman, Elemental Talisman of Luck 1680081307722.png

All New Jewels (including Jewel of Socket, Jewel of Ancient 1 & 2 and Jewel of Full) +1st and 2nd Lucky Item Tickets 1680081288159.png.

Event New Duration : 5 Minutes
Event Mechanics : Kill All and Survive!
When your character dies in the Gladiator's Arena you can simply go back to Pandora Event by talking again to Azshara in Arena entrance or Lorencia (148, 133)

Event Schedule remains the same:

3:15 AM
9:15 AM
2:15 PM
6:15 PM
10:15 PM

Event Requirement: Character with at least 15 Resets and 50 Level.
WIth all this updates we fix the issue where you can go outside pandora event (Lorencia safe zone) and win the event automatically.
Note that even if Pandora Event is not active, Azshara will still move your character to the Gladiator's arena if you talk to her. The Pandora Event is active only when you see the global announcement in game.

(Pandora Event portal NPC)



Map: Lorencia | Coordinates: 148, 133

Map: Arena | Coordinates: 60, 121

For more information, click here.

Good luck,

InfinityMU S8 Staff Team

2023-03-29 13:41

Welcome to InfinityMU Season 8

[Changelogs Feb 21, 2023 - Read More]

Version: Season 8 Episode 17 (+season 17 events, sets , weapons, items, pets, muuns and events)
Dynamic Experience Rate: 30X  - 12X (Dynamic ExpRate formula: the higher count your character resets are, the less ExpRate to gain)
Master EXP Rate: 10X
Drop: 40%
Points per Level for ordinary classes: 5
Points per Level for MG and DL: 7
Points per Level for Summoner: 5
Points per Level for RF: 7
Reset Level: 400
Max Resets: 36
Reset Method: Reset Stat (+2,000 Stats To Add after each reset*multiplied by resets number)
Reset Zen Cost: 15,000,000 Zen
Clear PK Cost: 15,000,000 Zen
Max Level: 400
Max Master Level: 440
Max Master Points: 1,320
Max Stats: 32,767
Guild creation: from 350 Level
Elf Soldier Buff: up to level 220
Jewel Success Rates: Bless 100%; Soul/Life/Harmony: 80%
MU Helper enabled from level 1
Newbie Starter Packs and Seals at start
New Season 17-18 Mastery Armors (Bloodangel, Darkangel, Holyangel, Soul, Blue Eye, Silver Heart, Manticore and Brilliant Sets for all 7 classes - Dark Wizard, Elf, Dark Knight, Magic Gladiator, Dark Lord, Summoner and Rage Fighter)
All New Muuns + New Pets (Season 8 - Season 17) Working 100%
All Features of Season 1 up to Season 8 Working 100%!
HD Res+GAME FPS 35+ guarantees smooth game experience!
In-Game Resolution Changing
In-Game Anti-Lag Tweaker
Up to 10 Party Members+ Reconnect Party+ Matching System+ Party Bonus EXP up to 60% more XP with different classes in party.
150+ Custom features that offers you even more exciting and challenging gameplay! Come and find them out!
Hard Server & Long-term Server (known for InfinityMU 100x - 14+ years online without wipes)
Promising Server with New Updates in future!
24/7 Active Support Ticket System
Active Staff Team

Skeleton King
Red Dragon
Golden Dragon
White Wizard
Moon Rabbits
Lord of Ferea
God of Darkness
Core Magriffy
Lord Silvester
Evomon Invasion in Tarkan 2 (Zaikan area) - 6 times per day.
Chicken Hunt in Lorencia
Chicken Hunt in Noria
Arena Invasion
Selupan - Respawn time: every 12 hours

Common Events:
Blood Castle
Devil Square
Chaos Castle
Illusion Temple
Online lottery
Q&A / Quiz Event
Daily Bonus - Stay online to earn Goblin Points
Extra Exp Event - 4 times a day there will be running event for one hour which will boost your XP rate bonus +20%.
Moss Merchant
Double Goer
King of Mu
Team vs Team Event
Guild vs Guild Event
Lorencia Drop Event - 3 times a day, every day in the week - Drop event for 3 minutes will occur in Lorencia. Drops will be only Zen.
Battle Royale
Pvp Championship
Pandora Box Event
Arca Battle
Acheron Guardian

For any questions, bugs and feedbacks please use our forums, submit a ticket or contact us direcly via email [email protected]

Thank You,

The InfinityMU S8 Team

2023-03-14 01:16