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General Information

Server Version Season 8 (+S17 Events/Items/Muuns)
Experience 30x ~ 12x
Master Experience 10x
Drop 40%
Max Stats 32,767
Max Level 400
Max Master Level 440
Max Master Points 1,320
Max Party Members 10
Guild Creation Level 300
Max Item Exc Options 6
Monster Power Rate 100% (and increasing with every 10th Level Reset, at 36 RR - 250%)


Dynamic EXP System

Resets Experience
0-10 30x
11-15 27x
16-19 24x
20-24 18x
25-30 15x
31-36 12x


Reset System

Reset Level 400
Bonus Stats Per Reset 2,000 * multiplied by resets count
Keep Stats No
Keep Items Yes
Keep Skills Yes
Keep Master Level Yes
Keep Quests Yes
Reward 5 WCoins + 30 Goblin Points
Reset Command /reset


Master Reset System (Grand Reset)

Master Reset Level 400
Master Reset: Resets Requirement 36
Bonus Stats Per Master Reset 350 * multiplied by master resets count
Keep Stats No
Keep Items Yes
Keep Skills Yes
Keep Master Level Yes
Keep Resets No
Keep Quests Yes
Reward 1,000 WCoins + 1,000 WCoinP + 1,000 Goblin Points (x1,500 for Gold VIP)
Reset Command /mreset






Jewel of Bless 100% 100%
Jewel of Soul 60% 70%
Jewel of Life 70% 75%
Jewel of Harmony 70% 75%
Jewel of Level (It is used to upgrade items +15. ) 40% 40%
Jewel of Skill (It is used to add Skill to weapon.) 50% 50%
Jewel of Luck (It is used to add Luck to your item.) 50% 50%
Jewel of Additional (It is used to add Additional option to your item.) 50% 50%
Jewel of Excellent (It is used to add Excellent option to your item.) 50% 50%
Jewel of Socket (It is used to add Empty Socket option to your item.) 50% 50%
Jewel of Ancient 1 (It is used to add Ancient options to your item if the item is part of the Ancient Sets family.) 50% 50%
Jewel of Ancient 2 (It is used to add Tier-2 Ancient options to your item if the item is part of the Ancient Tier-2 Sets family.) 50% 50%
Jewel of Full (It is used to make your items Full Options + Additional + Luck (+Skill)) 40% 40%
Smelt Stone success rate 65% 75%
Smelt Stone success rate on excellent items 65% 75%
Luck bonus success rate 20% 25%
Luck bonus success rate in Chaos Machine 20% 25%



Combination Maximum Success Rate
Normal VIP
Luck bonus success rate 20% 25%
Items +10, +11, +12 75% 75%
Items +13, +14, +15 70% 70%
Chaos Item Mix Rate 70% 80%
Dinorant 80% 90%
Wings Level 1 90% 100%
Wings Level 2 70% 80%
Wings Level 3 60% 70%
Wings Level 4 60% 70%
Cape of Lord Mix 80% 80%
Socket Weapon Mix 80% 80%
Fragment of Horn Mix 100% 100%
Broken Horn Mix 100% 100%
Horn of Fenrir Mix 90% 90%
Feather of Condor 60% 70%
Ancient Hero's Soul 80% 80%
Event Tickets Mix 80% 80%



Members Experience Rate
Same Character Classes Different Classes
2 Players EXP% + 20% EXP% + 40%
3 Players EXP% + 25% EXP% + 45%
4 Players EXP% + 25% EXP% + 45%
5 Players EXP% + 25% EXP% + 45%
6 Players EXP% + 30% EXP% + 50%
7 Players EXP% + 30% EXP% + 50%
8 Players EXP% + 35% EXP% + 55%
9 Players EXP% + 35% EXP% + 55%
10 Players EXP% + 40% EXP% + 60%



/attack Auto attack. usage: /attack 1 (You need to bind your preferred skill to 1, usually Twisting Slash, Evil Spirit or other)
/re auto Automatically accept requests from other players. Useful for Auto Party accept.
/pick Enable Auto pick up function, usage: /pick zen, /pick chaos, /pick bless, /pick soul, /pick life
/info Usage: /info CharacterName - Shows Character Level, Reset and Account Level.
/whisper [on/off] Enable / disable whisper.
/clearpk Clears your character PK / killer status.
/post [message] Sends a global message in-game for everyone to see.
/reset Reset your character. (Required Level: 400)
/mreset Master Reset (Grand reset). (Required Resets: 36)
/readd Re-Add Character Stats.
/remaster Re-Add Master Skill Tree. (Required Level: 400)
/clearinv Clear your inventory (excluding equipment).
/addstr [points] Adds points to Strength.
/addagi [points] Adds points to Agility.
/addvit [points] Adds points to Life.
/addene [points] Adds points to Energy.
/addcmd [points] Adds points to Command.
/requests [on/off] Enable / disable requests in-game.
/vault Open warehouse in any location.
/ware 0-2 Normal accounts have up to 3 vaults so you can switch between vaults with /ware 0 , /ware 1 and /ware 2 or use the arrows in the warehouse window to switch between warehouses easily with clicks (without entering commands).
/pvp1 - Devias 222 73 Level: 20
/pvp2 - Devias 173 41 Level: 20
/pvp3 - Devias 204 148 Level: 20
/pvp4 - Raklion 212 204 Level: 280
/arena1 - Arena 38 26 Level: 50
/arena2 - Arena 189 126 Level: 50
/arena3 - Arena 232 124 Level: 50
/arena4 - Arena 238 59 Level: 50
/arena5 - Arena 91 109 Level: 50
/church - Devias 211 27 Level: 20
/bar - Lorencia 124 132 Level: 1
/gvault - Moves you to Guild Vault - Lorencia 146 143 Level: 1
Guild vault usage: Battle Masters, Assistant Guild Master and Guild Master allowed to move in and out items from guild vault.
Move if you are PK: Yes.
Move Commands for all players (VIP & Non-VIP)
[VIP] /ware 0-10 Change warehouse / Usage of Extra Warehouse System.
[VIP] /changename [current name] [new name] Change your character name in-game. Max usage: 3 Allowed Symbols: a-zA-Z0-9_@*$[]()-.!#
[VIP] /class [type] Change your character class in-game. Types: dw,dk,elf,dl,mg,sum,rf
[VIP] /spot1-6 Usage: /spot1 , /spot2 , /spot3 etc.
/offattack Start Custom Attack Offline (Exp decreased to 10x for Normal and 15x for VIP accounts.) Command Requires to setup /attack 1 command first)
/attack 1 2 /attack (Start Custom Auto Attack)
Example Usage: Bind your preferred skill to 1 and bind your preferred buff to 2, then type command: /attack 1 2
Later you can use /offattack (your client will disconnect and you can close game client and your character will attack and receive EXP on spot). You can use also /re auto to accept auto party request from other players).
/quiz [answer] Answer in Quiz Event and earn wCoins & Goblin Points.
/offstore Open Custom Store (Offline) and stay online with items for sell while your client is closed.
/help Summon soldiers to help your journey.
/lock [password] Block Items moving.
/unlock [password] UnBlock Items moving.
/marry to [name] Marry to player. (The command works Lorencia, Devias, Noria.)
/trace marry Teleport to your wife/husband.
/quest Display available custom quests.
/info [name] Show Character Stats.
/participate Join GM Event. (once have GM announced event with special command /startevent you can use the command /participate to join the GM event and you will be moved to the GM location.)
/play Join Russian Roulette Event.
/play Join Run and Catch Event.
/play Join Race Event.
/play Join PK Event.
/setparty [password] Sets a password for your party.
/joinparty [password] Joins the party (without confirmation by the party leader to join) by using a secret password set by the party leader.
/pack [type] [quantity] Command for packing jewels. Example: /pack (soul, bless, etc) (10,20,30)
/unpack [type] [quantity] Command for unpacking jewels. Example: /unpack (soul, bless, etc)
Press Shift Shift button+ click on item on inventory to list for sell and in the same time announce it in-game with a global message to everyone.

/king Seize throne in king of mu event (Devias 3). To learn more about the King of MU Event - please click here.
/war Challenge another guild for guild war.
/soccer Challenge guild to battle soccer.
/top rr Shows Top Resets Players in the server.
/top mr Shows Top Master Reset players in the server.
/control Command used for Arka War Event.


Basics commands, Hotkeys and shortcuts​

Left Mouse Button: Move, Attack, Lean, or Sit-down options
Right Mouse Button: Use spells or skills
[Ctrl] + Mouse Button: PK Attack
F1: Help
F2: Dialogue toggle
F3: Toggle whispering on chat mode
F4: Adjust chatting window size
F5: Toggles MUssenger chatting window when receiving incoming message
F6: Hides MUssenger chatting window
F8: Display Ranking
F10: Display 3D Camera ON/OFF
F12: Hide MU Online game in tray
Enter: Open chatting window
D: Automatic Commands
M or /Move: Move between maps or worlds
C: Character statistics
I or V: Inventory
Q: Default shortcut key for healing items
W: Default shortcut key for mana recovery items
E: Default shortcut key for curing (antidote) items
R: Default shortcut key for healing items (mostly used for AG / complex potions)
F: Toggles MUssenger
T: Toggles Quest
U: Toggles Menu
P: Toggles Party window
A: Toggles Master skill tree window
G: Toggles Guild window
B: Toggles Gens window
H: Toggles Event timers window
J: Toggles Jewel bank
Z: Toggles Official MU Helper
X: Toggles X Shop
K: Toggles Gremory Case
N: Toggles Party and Guild Matching System
Shift + Double Right click on item Announced your item for sell like /post command and posts your item for sell in Trade Window (hold SHIFT)
Hold Shift: Shows items listed for sell via Shift + Double right click.
[Ctrl] + Number: Bind Spells/Skills to #1-#9
Number #1-9: Select bound Skill/Spell
[Alt]: Display item names on the ground
[Alt] + Left Mouse Button: Individual selection of items on the ground
Spacebar: Automatic pickup of items on the ground
Print Screen: Screen capture /Take Screenshot
/move [map] Move to a map (map price)
Home: Starts Official MU Helper
End: Shows VIP Buy Menu.


^^ Laugh
; Head scratch
-_- Cross arms
Great Raises both arms
Bye Wave
Cold Rubs arms
Come Hand gesture – beckon someone
T_T Self explanatoryn (Cry – hand covers face)
Never “No” gesture
Wow/ Good Clap
Hello Bow (greeting)
OK Arm pump
Respect Kneel
Rush Lead your hand forward
Sir Salute
That Points
Victory Victory pose / kisses
hustle hustle
Dance Dance / Tango